Window Repairs & new installations

Window Handles

Over time, window handles can become loose and do not provide a tight teal when closed, which can lead to draughts and potential security issues.

We can replace any brand of broken window handle, and if the existing brand is obsolete we will find a suitable brand to replace it. We can also supply and install lockable window handles.

Window stays and hinges

We can replace any broken window stay. If you find your window flies fully open instead of where you want it to sit, if your window is looking uneven, or if you can see daylight through the top of the window then you will need replacement hinges/stays. If you have wooden windows and the hinges are now rusty, and the wind has caught the window snapping the hinge etc, we can replace these for you as well.

Window restrictors

If you are a bit worried that your window opens to far and doesn’t feel secure for unwanted visitors, OR if you are worried that a child could fall through the open window, then these restrictors are the way to go, once fitted they will only allow your windows to open a maximum of 100mm helping to prevent from people climbing in or out!

Window Rubber Seals

If you can see your window rubbers are cracking or broken/missing, we can replace these for you on any window. Or even if the existing rubbers seem alright, but have just popped out we can we can re-fit these for you. Don’t leave rubber seals neglected as your weather tightness will be jeopardised and will cause other damage to your home.

Security Window Stays

We can supply and install adjustable security window stays which will allow you 3 options of opening depth so that you can decide how much you want you window to open if you need airflow when you not home etc… Also helps to prevent people from getting in or out of the window.

Security Window Locks

If you are worried about burglars prizing open your windows when your not at home, then window security locks are the way to go, these will keep your window closed much stronger than just the window handles. So to have window handles AND window security locks this will definitely help to reduce your chances of burglars prizing the window open.

Rotten Window and Door Jambs/Frames

If your window or door jambs are rotten its usually due to either condensation, or excess water getting in from those rainy days. Depending on how bad the rot is we can often cut out the rotten area and fit a new piece of timber in its place.

If it’s really not salvageable we can carefully remove your window/doors check the framing of the opening is dressed with flashing tape, replace the wooden jambs with new ones and the re-install your window/door leaving it looking as good as new.